Product Variants

You may choose between the following STAN product variants:

  1. STAN IDE - Set of plugins to provide Structure Analysis inside the Eclipse IDE.
  2. STAN APP - Rich Client Application to provide standalone Structure Analysis.
  3. STAN IDE+APP - Contains STAN IDE and STAN APP.

License Options

The STAN license model currently offers two commercial license types:

  1. Node-locked - You may use STAN on one machine, identified by its node id.
  2. Personal - You may use STAN on up to two machines, identified by their node ids. After a year you may switch to a new computer. Please refer to the license terms (section 3.2) for a detailed description of the switch conditions.

See here how to obtain your node id(s).


Our pricing model includes volume discounts for node-locked licenses. Please note that the available license options depend on the chosen product variant. Minor updates are included, as well as email support for two weeks.

Online Store

Please visit our Online Store over at FastSpring to place your order.

Direct Order (EU only)

Customers located in the EU may purchase STAN by sending us their order via email and pay with bank wire transfer. Please send your order to and make sure to include the following information:

  • Your name
  • Company name
  • Billing address
  • Product variant
  • Number of licenses

The following table lists the per license costs (all prices in EURO, excl. VAT):

Product Variant Version License 1-4 5+
STAN IDE 2.x Node-locked 299€ 249€
STAN APP 2.x Node-locked 249€ 209€
STAN IDE+APP 2.x Personal 389€